Friday, 26 December 2014

Why Yesterday Today?


Every day before today is one of our yesterdays! 

Yesterday Today is a place where I will investigate the bygone days of people & places, real everyday people who simply lived their lives as it was at the time.

Local history - which for me is the North of the England but that's not the only local history I'll talk about, local history is the history of wherever you are!

Social & Cultural history - the stuff that affected people's lives on a day to day basis, from the effect on them of huge world events to the changing educational and social times people live in.

Family history & genealogy 

As a flavour of what to expect I'm more likely to discuss the effect of the second world war on shop workers in Manchester than the battles of the war. 

Who am I? I'm a local, family, social & cultural Historian based in the north of England who has a BA (hons) in History, 22 years experience of historical research and has been blogging for 17 years.

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